Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Intercollegiate Sports

Have you ever known that feeling when someone asks you to do or try something that sounds really strange or something that you don't want to do? I experienced this feeling many times in my life, and this year I took the big leap of faith into trying college tennis.

Starting out I was afraid and had many worries. Many things came to mind such as my coaches or teammates not liking me, I would do terribly, or maybe even quit because I was no good. As time passed, I actually started having fun; I made some great friends and improved a lot..

I had never really thought about the experience college tennis has given me. Trying something new introduced me to so many things. It taught me to get through hard times, work hard, and the value of teamwork. I now love going to see my new friends, being inspired to improve my game, and getting to travel with the team.

Trying a new experience does not mean everyone should try out for a college athletics team; but something as small as trying a new food, opening up more to people, or even buying someone a coffee in the morning can help your mind be open to a lot more things you may not have seen before. I try to be motivated  to be open minded to more things and try to expand my mind to become encouraged to do more for people, and be a great teammate.

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  1. Hi Lindy! ( Im from the BT. class) I really liked your blog. It is so true that trying something new really does teach you so many new things! Great job!